Charleen comes to us with a wealth of experience in Nursing, starting with her 10years at Riverview Medical Center, in Red Bank, NJ, working as a Med/Surg/Oncology/Psych/Hospice/Detox/Charge RN and also remained on Riverview’s special, Private Duty Registry for special needs patients.  After 10yr. of Hospital experience, she decided to share her experience with Insurance Companies as an RN, Rehabilitation Consultant, visiting numerous policy holder’s Doctors, Physical Therapy,Chiropractors and clients with long term Insurance needs. Worked with many workman’s comp client’s to determine a “return to work”, if possible and consulted with staff of companies, that were treating MVA clients.  Arranged appointment’s for IME’s for client’s that needed second and third opinions and arranged for Nurses, Aides and equipment for hospital and rehabilitation clients being discharged to home.

Briefly worked as an Ophthalmic RN, working as a scrub nurse, assisting with cataract surgeries, laser treatments and office exams, for more experience with the anatomy of the eye.

In 1992, she began working as an RN Field Supervisor, in Home Care, doing assessments and supervising home health aides in client’s homes, which is when she began teaching the Board of Nursing’s CHHA classes to certify employees and potential employees.  Charleen was an adjunct instructor in the evenings at Brookdale Community College during their pilot program and an eventual employee of the College, in their CHHA certification course.

Has taught CHHA courses and CNA conversion courses since 1992, until the present time, as well as In service courses for the CHHA, Board of Nursing, 12hr. requirement to maintain their licenses and strongly, believes in Orientation of all CHHA’s before they care of our clients. 

Supervised and taught CHHA training course @ a training center in Red Bank, NJ to prepare students, for a future as a CHHA, with students that eventually went on to be RN’s, Physical Therapists and worked in other aspects of Health Care.

Charleen was also Certified as a Course Leader Trainer, in a Certification program for Chronic Disease Self-Management that originated @ Stanford University, Ca. and was taught at Princeton Medical Center, Princeton, NJ.

Worked as a Case Manager for a South Dakota, Medicare Advantage Program and performed disease Case Management, working with clients registered in South Dakota’s Cardiac Medicare Advantage Program. 

She has been a Director of Nursing, for two Home Health Agencies prior to joining us and believes in a continuity of care, with our Home Health Aides and Nursing visits, due to her extreme love of her client’s and her requirement that all Home Health Aides show extreme love and respect for their clients.  Teaching and orienting her CHHA’s is an ongoing process, so that they have an expert knowledge of their client and consequently how to cook for them, transfer them, keep them safe and maintain effective communication, as well.

In her younger years, she was a Volunteer at 14yr. old at Riverview Medical Center and a Nurses Aide @ a local Nursing Home, when she was 15yr. old.  She was also Miss NJ/World, entering for a chance to acquire money for College and was involved with Public Relations during that time.  Having worked at Bell Telephone Laboratories after High School as a key punch operator and programmer, she decided that this type of work wasn’t for her and during marriage and child rearing, went to College at night to finish her Nursing degree to become an RN, graduating from Brookdale College with an RN and proud of the fact that her graduating class had the highest exam scores in the state of New Jersey. 

I love you because you are helping me to make, of the lumber of my life, not a tavern, but a temple;  And out of the words of my every day, not a reproach, but a song.

Author:  Roy Croft……….from “Why do I love you”